PT. Hari Jaya Makmur

Fire Rock Rockwool

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya is a Rockwool Surabaya Distributor, rockwool which is a lightweight mineral fiber made from rock base, which is designed as a sound dampening material, insulating against heat, and can also be used as a hydroponic growing media. This material is one of the types of construction materials that can be considered multifunctional. Rockwool available at Harijaya Insulation Surabaya, namely for the use of rockwool material itself, can not only be applied to buildings, but can also be used for various activities including: Rockwool can be used as a protector pipe, used as a silencer and heat absorbers in buildings so it is not easy to rust and is used as a silencer and heat absorbers in buildings. Harijaya Insulation Surabaya as Rockwool Surabaya Distributor sells Rockwool cheap but does not leave the quality of the products we sell. We also provide Jacketing Steam Insulation Services in Steam Pipe Chiller.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya, Surabaya Rockwool Distributor of quality at affordable prices. Contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya for product consultations, and for product offerings.
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