PT. Hari Jaya Makmur

Calcium Cilicate Pipe

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya Sell Calcium Silicate, pipe shape and board form. Selling Calcium Silicate which is a micro-pore structure insulation material made from inorganic silica-containing materials, hydrous calcium silicate powder and liters of sand and lime. This is white, asbestos free and rigid insulation products. It can be printed into calcium silicate boards and calcium silicate pipe blankets. In addition to selling Calcium Silicate Harijaya Insulation Surabaya provides insulation Steam Jacketing Services in Pipe Chiller Steam Pipes.

Calcium silicate pipes covering 1000ºC products have the characteristics of excellent thermal performance, high service temperature, high press and bending stress widely used in power plants, metallurgy, petrochemical plants, industrial cement as well as other industrial sectors of high temperature equipment and pipe insulation.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya sells high quality Calcium Silicate at an affordable price. Contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya for consultations on products, and for product offerings. If you need Steam Jacketing Insulation Services for Steam Pipe Chiller Pipes, you can contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya.
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