PT. Hari Jaya Makmur

Polyken 6 Inch Wrapping Tape

Selling Wrapping tape For anti-rust pipe pads used to protect pipes. Especially the natural gas pipeline and oil pipelines. Anticorrosive pipe coating for pipes buried in the ground. Sell ​​Wrapping tape, Polyken wrapping tape black and white for the inside of the pipe and white polyken wrapping tape for the outside of the pipe. Harijaya Insulation Surabaya Sell Wrapping tape namely white Polyken Wrapping Tape 95 and Polyken Wrapping Tape black 980. In addition, Harijaya Insulation Surabaya provides Steam Jacketing insulation services in Steam Pipe Chiller Pipes.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya sells quality Wrapping tape and Pipe Insulation at affordable prices. Contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya for product consultations, and for product offerings. If you need Steam Jacketing Insulation Services for Steam Pipe Chiller, you can contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya.
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