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Dauble Side Benang Silang

The advantages needed aluminum foil sold in Harijaya Surabaya insulation are airtight, air and grease, clean (cleanliness), aluminum foil does not argue, aluminum foil does not affect the taste and odor of certain foods or materials, besides that aluminum foil can also wrap objects or products, Aluminum foil is also a good conductor of heat for electrical energy and heating.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya sells aluminum foil which can be used brittle and sometimes can be used for plastics. There are various uses of aluminum foil that are sold in Harijaya Insulation Surabaya used for heat insulation, protective materials, etc. Besides the use of aluminum foil, the most common, of course, packaging and cooking tools. In addition to selling aluminum foil, Harijaya Insulation Surabaya also provides Steam Jacketing Insulation Services for Pipe Chiller.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya Sell Aluminum foil made from "alloy" which contains 99.4% aluminum. Selling Aluminum Foil made in various forms depending on usage or depending on the final result.

Harijaya Insulation Surabaya Sell quality aluminum foil at affordable prices. Contact Harijaya Insulation Surabaya for product consultations, and for product offerings also require you Raincoat Insulation Services for Steam Chiller Pipe Pipes can contact us.
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